Patrick Hughes x VeVe Series 1

Two pieces of Reverspective Art — Crate Expectations and Contemplating Venice — made up Patrick Hughes’ first series for VeVe!

Series 1

Two Pieces Of Reverspective Art — Crate Expectations And Contemplating Venice — Made Up Patrick Hughes’ First Series For Veve!
Both First Edition Pieces Launched On The 30Th April 2022 At 8AM PT. 3,180 Total Ultra Rare Nfts Were Launched: 1,590 Nfts Per Edition. The Retail Price Per Digital Collectable Was $200.00 (Gems) This Series Was Available Globally Via The Veve IOS And Android App.

Sell Out Time

Contemplating Venice (2021) NFT

Contemplating Venice Is One Of A Series Of Works Patrick Has Made Using The Venice Scene. It Has Six Planes In Reverse Perspective — Patrick’s Invention Of 1964 — And Two Flat Ends. Patrick Found The Buildings Of Venice A Very Useful Resource, Because The Architecture Contains A Large Number Of Details, So Each Window Or Door Or Balcony Or Balustrade In Perspective Is Pointing The Way To The Horizon Even Though The Structure Is Going In The Reverse Direction. The Shimmering Reflections And Shadows In The Water Help The Whole Image To Move From Left To Right And Up And Down.

All 3,180 Patrick Hughes Nfts Sold Out In Under One Second. If You Missed Out On The Digital Collectible When It Dropped, Or You Need One To Complete Your Set, You Can Browse The Secondary Market And See If Others Have Listed The Collectibles You Need For Sale.

Digital In The Real World With Augmented Reality

With Veve's Augmented Reality Features You Can Stand Side By Side With Your Patrick Hughes NFT, In The Real World. Simply Scan Your Surrounding And Tap To Drop Your Digital Collectible In AR. You Can Then Move, Rotate And Scale Your Digital Collectibles To Make The 1:1 Size And Then Take Photos.