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Patrick Hughes x MakersPlace II

Patrick Hughes x MakersPlace II

Three pieces of Reverspective Art — Empty City, Sea City and A Newer Perspective — made up Patrick Hughes’ second drop for MakersPlace!

MakersPlace Drop 2

Patrick Hughes — master of puns, paradoxes, and perspective — brings to the metaverse for the second time, his unique technique of forced perspective using physical sculptural paintings. He calls this technique reverspective.

Limited NFTs
Open Edition

Sea City NFT

“Sea City is Patrick's recent multiple made in 2022 in a signed edition of 100. As a creative exercise, Patrick decided to base this image on the same shape, in every detail, as an earlier multiple Banksi: to see if he could create the same kind of movement and sense of space using completely different imagery for the frontal planes and the bottom of the piece. “Where there were graffitied walls in Banksi, there are Venetian palazzi in Sea City, and where there is a concrete pavement in Banksi there are shadows and reflections of the Palazzi in the lagoon. Patrick thinks Sea City creates the sensation of reverspective just as well as Banksi.”

Drop Details

MakersPlace Drop II takes place on: Tuesday, 20th September 2022, 11.30pm GMT time. Empty City & Sea City NFTs retails at $500.00 (17 editions per piece) A Newer Perspective retails at $250.00 and is an Open Edition (unlimited purchases within a 48H period) First Come, First Serve!

Collector Bonus

Buyers of either Limited Edition will received a new format of the NFT resized and formatted in: GIF, JPG & MP4

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