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Designer Con

Designer Con x

DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that brings together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the designer toy, vinyl art collectibles market. DesignerCon has grown to incorporate everything in the design world including wearable art, limited edition streetwear, plush, 3-D printed art & Indie designer toys, and both fine and urban art.

The Vtail Exhibition

Vtail displayed: 7 of Patrick's 'Reverspective' pieces, 6 of his original 2d prints, 5 works by Zoë Moss & 'Fuckin Liberty' by FREQ, 'Mona Simpson' by Nick Walker, 4 CGC Graded Marvel Comics & 3 'Skulls' by Nathan Sawaya. NFTs were displayed on our 'Art Screen' in addition to the Vtail website, Metaverse and other promotional videos.

Signed Books Sold Out
Raffle Winners
Tickets Sold

Vtail x Dcon 2022

A celebration of all aspects from the world of design. This is a hugely successful show hailing from the LA, that is making its 2nd edition in London on 3-4 September 2022! A fun, safe, comfortable environment for fans, artists, and vendors to meet.

VeVe Highlight

In celebration of DesignerCon London 2022, VeVe and Jermaine Rogers offered an exclusive “phygital” t-shirt + NFT bundle. VIP Ticket Holders rushed in to buy a VeVe x Jermaine Rogers 1/100 t-shirt.

Patrick Hughes Book Signing & AMA Talk: September 4th 2022

Patrick Hughes was greeted by 100+ people on the main stage to speak to the VeVe and DesignerCon audience about his works. A limited edition book signing followed after the talk at the Vtail stand, all signed books sold out.

Diablo: Scary Devils


Little Trooper




Patrick Hughes: VeVe Series 1


Patrick Hughes: VeVe Series 2


Patrick Hughes: MakersPlace II


Patrick Hughes: MakersPlace I


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